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We are rapidly growing startup focusing on AI driven automation of unstructured human conversation. In Born Digital we combine our own advanced AI technologies with our concept of digital contact centre. Our mission is to help contact centres to increase their digital level.



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Inbound Calls or Chats

Intelligent calls routing can help you to maximize effectiveness of your contact centre and ensure optimal routing of inbound calls to proper agents by call reason, sales potential, agent skills or by customer.

Together with our AI technologies such as voice virtual assistants you can automate routine calls and be available 24x7 with no capacity limits. Our solution helps you to reduce costs, increase sales conversion and improve customer experience.

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Description of Digital Contact Center | popis Digitálního kontaktního centra s hlasovou asistentkou

Description of Digital Contact Center | popis Digitálního kontaktního centra s hlasovou asistentkou

Outbound Calls

With the combination of our voice virtual assistant and campaign planner you can automate frequent outbound calls. This approach can significantly reduce costs (e.g. early debt collection) or increase sales conversion (e.g. sales campaigns calls) or get more detailed information from a customer (e.g. customer satisfaction survey or opinion polls) 

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Other AI Use Cases

Our advanced NLP engine can automate a variety of tasks, for example classify all calls, identify root causes and reduce the number of calls. It can also save time on email sorting, handing over to the right team and reduce time of emails processing by its automation and preparation of all necessary data for the human operator.

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Description of Digital Contact Center | popis Digitálního kontaktního centra s hlasovou asistentkou


Advanced NLP Conversation Engine

The core of the solution is our own conversation engine based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. The engine is designed to perfectly support all major languages as well as local languages such as Slavic.

The solution has its own visual conversation designer that allows you to design, train, test and operate your virtual assistants without IT or AI knowledge.

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine


Dashboard Flow Editor Automated Testing Confusion Matrix Analytics

Automated E-mails Processing

Intelligent e-mail routing automatically classifies e-mails into predefined categories and routes incoming e-mails to the correct departments/agents accordingly.

Text analytics extracts meaningful information from unstructured text data, eg customer name, contract number, product, date. It can also anonymize passages, classify sentiment, detect toxic comments, summarize or translate.

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine


Strategic partnership with CGI

At Born Digital, we focus on the digitization of contact centres, reducing their costs, increasing their sales conversion, and improving customer satisfaction. To enter global markets, we agreed on strategic partnership with CGI, which has unique worldwide experience in providing IT solutions and consulting services. In this partnership, we jointly enhance our state-of-the-art AI technologies that streamline and improve the maturity level of our clients contact centres.

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