Digital Email Processing

Handle customer emails faster and at a lower cost

Our AI algorithm uses natural language understanding to analyze incoming customer emails and routes them to the right department or human agent based on content, sentiment or other parameters. Our platform can immediately respond to an email or suggest a response for human agent's approval. In both cases, it will help you significantly reduce manual tasks and allow you to process emails faster and with lower costs.

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Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine

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Reduce costs and response time

Incoming customer emails usually wait in the inbox for days before they even reach the competent person - this greatly affects the customer experience. Our AI-driven platform: :

  • processes the e-mail immediately after its delivery
  • forwards the email to the appropriate department or human agent and suggests a response
  • highlights key data such as contract numbers, addresses or telephone contacts

With the extracted entities, translated content and suggested response, the agent just validates or updates the email response suggested by our AI algorithm.

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine
Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine

Automated responses

For frequent and recurring topics, the platform allows you to set responses that will be sent automatically. This solution is best if:

  • you regularly have a large number of inquiries in a specific area
  • you expect a higher influx of emails at a certain time of the month/year
  • there is a sudden event that needs to be explained and resolved

Each received and sent email can be seen in a clear interface, where you can return to it at any time.


Boost efficiency and productivity

Human agents don't have to forward emails and respond to repetitive questions. This gives them time and energy for customers who really need their care. Automated processing helps to increase:

  • productivity of your sales, marketing and CX teams
  • motivation of agents
  • customer satisfaction

When live agents don’t lose time on manual work and banalities, that’s when you can start delivering exceptional customer service.

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine


Digital Email Processing


    Customers wait far longer than necessary for email responses


    Agents process each email individually and manually


    It takes 5-6 minutes to a human agent to manually process each email


Digital Email Processing


    Emails are processed immediately


    Automated or semi-automated email processing takes 1-2 minutes


    Advanced analytics helps to prevent unnecessary customer emails

Digital Email Processing is best used for:


Customer Experience


Operators Motivation Increase


Efficiency Increase

Improve customer experience with digital contact center

  • OurCUSTOMER INSIGHT ANALYTICS reveals hidden opportunities for efficiency and increased productivity. Our neural networks can identify reasons for customer interactions, analyze their sentiment and many other parameters.
  • OurDIGITAL AGENT can handle inbound calls and chats as well as outbound call campaigns. There are several use cases, such as intelligent customer care, soft collection or customer satisfaction surveys.
  • OurDIGITAL E-MAIL PROCESSING classifies emails, detects their topics with a high level of accuracy and highlights key data in a structured way. Responses can be fully automated or pre-processed and then verified by a human agent.