Automatic E-mails Processing

Handle emails faster and at a lower cost

Our AI algorithm uses unstructured text analysis to understand what a customer is requesting in an incoming email and assigns it to a specific department or operator. If it is a routine matter, it will respond directly to the message or propose a response for approval. This saves your operators the time they can spend personally caring for key customers.

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Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine

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Faster processing of e-mails with less effort

It usually takes a long time for an e-mail from a customer to reach a competent person to be read, forwarded, or resolved. In contrast, artificial intelligence:

  • processes the e-mail immediately after its delivery
  • highlight key data such as contract numbers, addresses or telephone contacts
  • forward it to the relevant department and propose a recommended response that the operator only approves

The operator then does not have to read the entire e-mail, thanks to the highlighted parts, he immediately knows how to handle it.

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine
Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine

Automated answers

For simpler questions, you set up a set of answers that will be sent automatically. It is an ideal solution if:

  • you regularly have a large number of inquiries in a specific area
  • you expect a higher influx of emails at a certain time of the month
  • there is a sudden event that needs to be explained and resolved

Artificial intelligence analyzes the customer's question and suggests a suitable answer that will advise the customer on what to do next.


Operators address key interactions

Operators do not have to forward e-mails and respond to banalities. This gives them time and energy for customers who really need care. This will increase:

  • client center efficiency
  • motivation of operators
  • and customer satisfaction.

Each received and sent message can be seen in a clear interface, where you can return to it at any time.

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine


Automatic E-mails Processing


    Someone has to sort all incoming emails manually. Sometimes it lies in the inbox for several days


    Operators then process each email manually


    Manual processing of each email takes 5-6 minutes


Automatic E-mails Processing

  • TIME

    Artificial intelligence sorts emails automatically and instantly


    automatic or assisted email processing takes 1-3 minutes


    You will get an overview of all emails and eliminate unnecessary ones

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Improve the quality of customer care with a digitized contact center

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  • Routine calls and chats will be taken over by a virtual assistant and it will handle thousands of customers at once.
  • The AI algorithm understands the requirements in incoming e-mails and assigns them to the correct operators - or handles them itself.
  • It analyzes, sorts and reveals the causes of unnecessary interactions and opportunities for automation in real time, calls and e-mails and chats.