Digital Agent

Automate calls and chats with AI

Leave routine calls and chats to our Digital Agent who can handle hundreds of concurrent calls and is available 24/7. In addition to answering frequently asked questions, it can handle more complex conversations with open-ended questions.

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Available 24/7 without waiting times

Our Digital Agent can handle inbound calls and chats as well as outbound call campaigns. It is always available, even at rush hour or in an unexpected event. It is never in a bad mood and handles calls in a structured, emotionless way with a single goal: to solve the customer's problem. Digital Agent can:

  • authenticate customers by name, customer ID, voice biometry, or any other information
  • handle the interaction automatically without the participation of a human agent OR
  • immediately connect the customer with a human agent

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine
Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine

Predictive Analytics

Our Digital Agent does not speak empty phrases. It first tries to predict the real cause of the interaction from the available data and propose the right solution. If it does not have any, it asks specific questions. Our Digital Agent can:

  • predict call reason and decide who should handle the call (human agent or digital agent)
  • respond to customer inquiries and completely handle the interaction
  • send automatic notifications and inform the customer once outage or ticket is fixed

For example: if the customer entered the PIN for the payment card incorrectly, there can be only two reasons for the call - the customer either forgot the PIN or the payment card was stolen. The digital agent does not ask general questions and gets straight to the point.


We value the customer's time

Don't keep your customers waiting for long minutes in the IVR or elevator music. For us at Born Digital, the customer's time is valuable. Our digital agent will either solve routine questions or immediately connect the customer with a competent operator. The Digital Agent is the most helpful with:

  • OUTBOUND campaigns: for example, soft debt collection, customer satisfaction surveys, sales leads validation, HR recruitment and many others.
  • INBOUND chats & calls: for example, intelligent customer care, automated technical helpdesk, intelligent service desk, e-commerce and many others.

Customers will appreciate effective communication with a clear goal.

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine


Digital Agent


    Routine calls handled by human agents cost time and money


    Customers sometimes wait tens of minutes for a connection to human agent


    The best sales agents waste time on interactions with low sales potential


Digital Agent


    Digital Agent handles routine interactions automatically and instantly


    Digital Agent is available 24x7 without any capacity limits


    Increase sales conversion with intelligent call routing

Digital Agent is best used for:


Customer Experience


Operational Costs


Sales Potential Increase

Improve customer experience with digital contact center

  • OurCUSTOMER INSIGHT ANALYTICS reveals hidden opportunities for efficiency and increased productivity. Our neural networks can identify reasons for customer interactions, analyze their sentiment and many other parameters.
  • OurDIGITAL AGENT can handle inbound calls and chats as well as outbound call campaigns. There are several use cases, such as intelligent customer care, soft collection or customer satisfaction surveys.
  • OurDIGITAL E-MAIL PROCESSING classifies emails, detects their topics with a high level of accuracy and highlights key data in a structured way. Responses can be fully automated or pre-processed and then verified by a human agent.