Digital Virtual Assistant

Automate calls and chats with AI

Leave routine interactions to the virtual assistant and improve both customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of your operators. By automation, you save costs and handle thousands of customers at once. Artificial intelligence handles both written and spoken communication.

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Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine

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Availability 24/7 without waiting

Our virtual assistant picks up the call or writes to everyone. Even at rush hour or in an unexpected event. AI goes straight to the point. It is never in a bad mood. It handles calls in a structured, emotionless way with a single goal: to solve the customer's problem.

  • it finds out why the customer is contacting you
  • it identifies sales potential
  • for more complex interactions, it forwards the communication to the appropriate operator

Artificial intelligence is trained on real data from your business environment.

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine
Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine

Prediction of the call reason

The virtual assistant does not speak empty phrases. It first tries to determine the cause of the interaction from the available data. If it doesn't have any, it asks specific questions. Good virtual assistant can

  • find out why the customer is calling and decide who should handle the call (human operator or digital assistant)
  • ask open-ended questions and authenticate the customer
  • respond to customer inquiries and completely handle his requirements

It can also deal with postponing the call to a later date or calling back from the customer.


We value the customer's time

Don't make your customers wait tens of minutes for IVR or elevator music. For us at Born Digital, customer time is valuable. Virtual assistant in the shortest possible time:

  • finds out whether it is a routine or a complex question
  • connects the customer with the competent operator
  • or it will solve the routine questions itself

Customers will appreciate effective communication with a clear goal.

Natural Language Processing Engine | Natural Language Processing Engine


Digital Virtual Assistant


    Operators do not enjoy routine activities, they cost time and money


    Customers sometimes wait tens of minutes for a connection to human operator


    The best sales operators lose time with contacts with low sales potential interactions


Digital Virtual Assistant

  • TIME

    Artificial intelligence answers right away and handles routine matters with the same precision as the operator


    Digital Assistant is available 24/7, which increases customer satisfaction


    Increase sales with intelligent call routing

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Improve the quality of customer care with a digitized contact center

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  • Routine calls and chats will be taken over by a virtual assistant and it will handle thousands of customers at once.
  • The AI algorithm understands the requirements in incoming e-mails and assigns them to the correct operators - or handles them itself.
  • It analyzes, sorts and reveals the causes of unnecessary interactions and opportunities for automation in real time, calls and e-mails and chats.