How to Qualify Sales Leads with AI

How to Qualify Sales Leads with AI

What is Lead Qualification?

A lead qualification process is a set of sales activities designed to identify leads that are well-suited for your product or service. For instance, during a discovery call, asking the right qualification questions helps in deciding which leads are ready for further engagement, such as a product demo.

Implementing a robust lead qualification process can significantly increase your close rates—potentially by 20, 30, or even 40%.

Without such a process, your Business Development Representatives might indiscriminately pursue every lead, resulting in a low number of successful deals and a considerable waste of time each week.

How can AI voice bots help you automate Lead Qualification?

When your leads are in the hundreds, they can be managed by your sales team. But when they get into the thousands, it’s a whole different game. 

The solution — conversational AI. 

Conversational AI combines generative AI, speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning, enhancing virtual agents’ ability to engage effectively with a wide audience. Consequently, virtual agents are moving from simple voice bots to sophisticated conversational platforms that boost their lead generation capabilities.

Deploying AI agents can speed up the process of qualifying leads, reducing or completely removing the need for human input. They can be designed to pre-screen leads with a set of predefined questions before they are introduced into the sales funnel.

Main features of's no-code bot builder studio

Using’s no-code platform, you can build an advance voice bot for your organization to qualify leads for you by asking a set of pre-defined questions. Our drag-and-drop builder allows you to easily build and customize bot conversations without requiring coding expertise. Key features for lead qualification bots include:

How to create an AI sales agent in 5 simple steps:

1. Create your agent

Using’s no-code bot builder, you can begin creating the voice bot which will qualify your leads. Here you will define the type of bot (chatbot or voice bot), its name, gender, language and accent, goals, and personality. You can also adjust its speed and pitch settings.

2. Build the conversation flow

The conversation flow is a structure that defines the sequence of a voice bot conversation with users. 

Here you can define the set of qualifying questions and other aspects of the flow. You will start with the introductory message (the first message the user will hear when the conversation starts) and the subsequent questions you would like to ask. Other interactions, for example the lead asking about your products or services, can be redirected to the generative AI node to enable the bot to provide a natural human-like response.

3. Train your agent on your knowledge base

The Knowledge Base is a repository of information that the voice bot can access to provide accurate and relevant responses to queries. You can enrich the knowledge base by adding website URLs or uploading documents. Having a knowledge base is important order to enable the bot to become an expert on your products or services. 

4. Integrate with your existing systems

To create an AI voice bot that qualifies sales leads, you can integrate it with various systems. It can connect with your existing customer data systems like CRM or use a manually uploaded list of leads. The bot can also link with your calendar to schedule calls between leads and your sales team, automatically handling meeting details. Additionally, the bot can initiate calls based on specific events, such as changes in a lead’s lifecycle stage within the CRM. Beyond these integrations, supports seamless connection with any third-party APIs.

5. Deploy and analyze not only automates outbound campaigns but also analyzes interaction data to provide valuable insights. The Statistics section offers critical data on the performance of your lead validation voice bot, helping you refine your sales strategies. In the recordings section, you can listen to and analyze interactions, including transcriptions, for quality control and training.


In conclusion, creating a lead qualification voice bot using can transform your lead management process. Using the instructions above, you can set up a voice bot that not only automates the initial stages of lead qualification but also leverages advanced analytics to refine your sales strategies and improve engagement. The integration capabilities, along with the insights gained from detailed statistics and sentiment analysis, empower your business to effectively screen and nurture leads.

If you’re ready to integrate AI into your lead qualification process to, or if you have any questions about implementing your own sales lead validation voice bot, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts.

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