Case Studies

AXA is offering a digital self-service across multiple channels

Global pandemic drove AXA to speed up the process of digital transformation and the company is now moving towards a fully functional e-travel. To undergo this truly complex transformation, AXA partnered up with Born Digital.

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Gopass is handling unexpected peaks thanks to predictive analytic

GOPASS is part of the Tatry Mountain Resorts Group, which is the largest operator of mountain resorts and tourist services in the CEE region. GOPASS accompanies customers from the first visit or purchase throughout all sales points and services – thus creating plentiful opportunities for continuous improvement of customer experience.

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Česká Spořitelna (Erste Group) among the first ones to implement Custom Neural Voice

Česká spořitelna (ERSTE Group) has 4.5 million clients in the Czech Republic – which makes it a bank with the highest number of customers on the Czech market. To ensure best customer experience possible, Česká spořitelna (ČS) is keeping the pace with the latest innovations. And the company is now setting trends in digital customer experience for the whole CEE region.

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Customers of ZSD report electricity outages through digital agent

Západoslovenská distribučná (ZSD), member of the E.ON Group, is the biggest electricity distributer in Slovakia. Following latest trends and innovations in customer experience, ZSD partnered up with Born Digital and offered its customers a digital self-service channel for reporting the electricity outages.

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