What’s new in the Digital Studio: June 2024 release

What's new in the Digital Studio: June 2024 release

Index Parsing Methods Improvements to provide more accurate bot reponses

We have introduced new capabilities to enhance the parsing of documents into multiple chunks within the Index:

Simple Parsing Method – Delimiters: You can now split documents by setting a delimiter (ENTER or double ENTER). The document will be divided into snippets based on the chosen delimiter. Default delimeter means snippets will be parsed with the same approach as before.

Custom Parsing Method: Select specific areas to split into snippets using the SHIFT + ENTER command, allowing for more control over how the snippets are creating. For now, upload just one document at a time if you want to use this method.

Easily export and manage indexes from your knowledge base

We have enhanced our Knowledge Base tab to allow you to easily export and manage indexes. You can now export one or multiple indexes with a simple click. Additionally, we’ve updated the functionality to ensure that the exported indexes can be seamlessly re-imported.

Copy indexes functionality can be also used if you just want to copy the index (either to the same, or other project).

This will help you to move your fine tuned index from Test to Prod for example. All content of your index is exported (incl. snippets) and are uploaded to the new environment in the same way. You can also export and import whole project configuration, which includes also indexes now.

Share specific nodes or project paths

We redefined how the URLs are structured when using our product. The unique Project ID is now integrated directly into the URL structure, as well as information on which tab are you located and which element you have opened.

With this update, you can now share exact node paths or project paths within the conversation flow with your colleagues. When they access the shared URL, the connected project with the specified node will appear, streamlining teamwork and facilitating more frequent project sharing.

Additional changes

Global Fallback Counter in Answer Node: You can now create a global fallback counter for ANSWER nodes, instead of having individual counters for each node. This means, where applied, that fallbacks count in the whole conversation is considered.

Digital Email Processing tile has been removed from the main page, since email bot is now part/combination of both main products.

Technical Logs Removed from Sidebar: As part of our UI improvements, access to Technical Logs has been removed from the sidebar, resulting in a cleaner and more user-friendly interface

Application Performance: We have enhanced the performance and logic of the Digital Studio, ensuring greater efficiency and a smoother user experience.

Bug Fixes and Improvements: Model queries have been optimized for increased speed and efficiency, contributing to overall system reliability and performance.

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