Martin the Digital Policeman 

Meet Our Digital Humans: Martin the Digital Policeman

Meet our Digital Humans: Martin the Digital Policeman



Crime never sleeps, and Martin doesn’t either, so having him onboard as a digital human policeman might be what your city needs to rest peacefully at night. Using AI technologies has allowed for unforeseen improvements in the policing industry. Martin can standardize and improve many of the monotonous tasks that slow down investigations. Police officers are an essential part of society that tend to be overworked and overlooked, with the assistance of AI (in human form of course) they can focus on what really matters, all of us.

Defining Digital Humans

The technology of Digital Humans merges the authenticity of human interaction with the power of AI to deliver a more personal and engaging experience. Thanks to Generative and Conversational AI, they’re able to interact with users in emotionally intelligent ways. 

They excel in natural language processing, emotion recognition, and machine learning, allowing them to perform complex tasks and make informed decisions.  

Meet Martin

We at Born Digital believes that everyone has a right to safety, and if advancements in technology can be put towards that then they should. In comes Martin who can help the policing industry in a variety of different ways by doing work that is normally done by humans, not to replace police officers but rather to allow them to prioritize the community over paperwork and transcripts. 

Martin, a police front-office assistant, employs a range of AI technologies including generative AI, analytics, and both conversational and visual AI. His capabilities are extensive: he can automatically analyze data from police cases, facilitate communication with various institutions to gather necessary documents, and expedite the seizure of stolen funds in offenders’ accounts. Furthermore, Martin can create real-time transcripts of phone calls and conversations for detailed analysis.  

Using Cognitive & Open AI services, Martin produces automated police reports based on citizen-reported crimes, adhering to templates specified by the police department that detail the name, crime, location, and date. 

Currently active with the Czech Police department, Martin significantly boosts their operational efficiency. His ability to track and trace additional information about offenders aids law enforcement in processing data on a larger scale, enhancing their capability to identify behavioral patterns and combat organized crime.  

Hire Martin or create your own Digital Human today!

Although Martin was specifically created to tailor to the needs of police and detective agencies, you can create a Digital Human to meet your companies’ specific needs! Digital Humans are very easy to onboard onto projects and have already proven capable of helping streamline repetitive tasks, saving time and money.  

The best part of Digital Humans is their human aspect. They can be created to have their quirks, make jokes, and have human-like interactions. This is essential in all different industries since it emphasizes the most important part of every and any job: humanity. 

Stay tuned as we introduce our other Digital Humans! 

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