Join us and shape the future of conversations.

Born Digital’s AI-powered Digital Agents (chat and voice bots) can handle inbound as well as outbound calls and chats in a human-like way. There are various use cases, such as customer self-service, marketing surveys, lead generation, and many others.

Join a group of talented people driven by shared values:

Clarity and focus

We help build clarity with a focus on the why, what, where, who and how. We work with an outcome-driven focus.


We aim high. We have a strong internal drive to develop and go the extra mile to achieve more.


We have deep empathy for our customers, prospects, colleagues, and job candidates.


We work as one big team driven by a common mission. We take pride in our diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and skills.


We demonstrate perseverance toward fulfilling the goals of the company, despite any challenges.

Why Join Born Digital?

Open positions

What we work with


Python (Numpy, Flask, Gunicorn, Sphinx), Javascript (React.js, Node.js, Express.js, GraphQL.js, TypeScript)

Machine Learning and NLP

LLM, FastText, Gensim, ScikitLearn, Numpy, NLTK, Trie and others


Azure, Docker, GitHub Repository, GitHub Actions


Cypress, Jest, Mocha, Pytest

Data & Analytics

Elastic Stack (ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash, Jupyter Notebook)


PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite

Awards and recognition