Customer Insight Analytics

Analyze customer interactions across all channels

Identify improvement opportunities in real-time, boost agents’ performance with targeted coaching, and automate processes with the latest AI technologies.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide


increase in NPS


reduction of unnecessary interactions



Get actionable insights to drive business results

Understand what your customers are saying

Find out the reasons for customer dissatisfaction

Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Coach your agents based on performance

Provide meaningful  coaching

Monitor team performance, key metrics, and call script adherence. Leverage conversation summaries and sentiment analysis for a comprehensive evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, offering options for both automated and manual assessment.

Deploy quickly using no-code platform

Deploy effortlessly and start analyzing within hours using our no-code platform, pre-built integration modules, and robust API for seamless implementation. Begin automating analysis of all customer interactions today, identifying genuine pain points, and leverage this insight in your strategy sessions for tangible business outcomes.

Omni-channel presence

Available for calls, chats, emails, social media, and analysis of voice bots and chatbots, our solution ensures comprehensive coverage across all communication channels. Monitor customer satisfaction wherever your customers are, preventing churn and enabling swift response to complaints.

Utilize emerging technologies

Our active R&D team continuously enhances the product by employing the latest AI technologies while ensuring safety and implementing enterprise-grade guardrails.

Automate processes

Initiate active operations based on analyzed and classified content. Utilize knowledge base and generative AI technologies to achieve semi-automation or full automation of targeted workflows, ensuring human-like results with unparalleled precision.

Topic classification

Experience unmatched LLM-powered topic classification to identify key performance drivers and improve process efficiency.

Customizable dashboards

Access customizable dashboards for all teams and roles, providing actionable insights from C-suite to frontline staff.

Call script adherence

Monitor upsell and cross-sell results across teams and regions and identify opportunities for improvement.

Sentiment analysis

Analyze customer sentiment at the beginning and end of conversations, initiate conversation flows based on AI insights, and provide personalized interactions.

What our customers say about us

“We can now analyze in real-time what the reasons for customer interactions are and identify opportunities for process improvement. Thanks to the predictive analytics, we are now also able to predict and therefore cover unexpected peaks, leading to shorter waiting times.”
Matěj Lackovič, Managing Direat GOPASS adds
Matěj Lackovič
Managing Director, GOPASS
"Our team leaders are using key findings from the call analyses such as customer sentiment and call script adherence to improve the performance of our operators and train them on any identified gaps. This is proving to be very beneficial in improving our customer satisfaction."
Radka Dybová
Head of Business Care & CX, PACKETA

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