Digital Email Processing

Classify, process and automate customer emails

Benefit from our GenAI-powered platform to classify emails with unparalleled precision. Automate responses based on your knowledge base while analyzing sentiment, identifying main topics, and discovering new ones. Optimize your team’s workflow and email routing efficiently.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide


routing accuracy


responses automated


cost reduction

Handle customer emails at a lower cost, faster

Reliably route emails to the responsible agent

Streamline your response process for faster resolution 

Analyze sentiment, topic occurrence to understand customer needs

Implement in any language of your choice

Classify incoming customer emails

Classify and automatically route emails to the responsible agent with unparalleled precision using our GenAI-powered solution. It assigns categories based on a knowledge base approach, considering the context of the email body rather than just keywords.

Pre-process or fully automate your responses

Utilize your company’s knowledge base to generate responses to incoming emails. If the client authenticates within the email, our solution gathers additional data via API. If further authentication is necessary, an automatic reply requests the needed information.

Automate data extraction from attachments

Quickly retrieve data from attached invoices, pictures, or any documents in the email using vision AI and OCR, and automatically insert it into your database. Our tool also enables fraud detection.

Get actionable insights

Analyze all incoming customer emails to extract sentiment, identify main topics, discover new ones, extract entities of your choice, and optimize your team’s performance efficiently.

Seamless integration with what you already use

Find out how you can leverage Born Digital's Generative and Conversational AI solutions to drive business results.

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