Digital Human

Pioneering AI-Human Synergy

Don’t just talk to your customers, engage with them! Our Digital Humans are ready to interact with your customers both online and offline. The digital human not only has a specific face, but can manage endless active processes (customer authentications, document generation, communication through all channels, etc.). Experience the blend of humanity and tech, available in multiple languages, bridging gaps across industries.

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Digital Medical Assistant

Optimize patient-centered healthcare with our adept digital persona, proficient in:


Digital Public Officer (e-Clerk)

Our e-Clerk remotely bridges service gaps, providing essential services that can:

When AI assistance isn’t enough, we connect citizens to real human officers, ensuring personalized care and support.


Commercial Use

Your brand can now have the voice and face it deserves. Our digital personas are ready to:

Elevate physical branches and websites across various industries, ensuring user trust and brand loyalty.


Digital Human

  • IMPERSONAL ONLINE SPACES Static webpages that push customers away.
  • UNINFORMED DECISIONS Generic interactions leading to hesitant and unsure clients.
  • LIMITED BRAND ENGAGEMENT Mere monologues without real-time brand-customer dialogues.


Digital Human

  • LIVELY USER ENGAGEMENT Interactive, human-like digital avatars that users resonate with.
  • ENHANCED PURCHASE CONFIDENCE Deep industry insights resulting in well-informed customers.
  • BRAND PRESENCE REIMAGINED Seamless integration across branches and online platforms, enhancing adaptability and reach.

Digital Human is best used for:

Customer Experience


Operational Costs


Potential Sales

Improve customer experience with a digital contact center

  • Our CUSTOMER INSIGHT ANALYTICS identifies reasons for customer interactions and analyzes their sentiment and many other parameters.
  • Our DIGITAL AGENT can handle inbound calls and chats as well as outbound call campaigns. There are several use cases, such as intelligent customer care or soft collection.
  • Our DIGITAL E‑MAIL PROCESSING classifies e‑mails and detects their topic with a high accuracy rate. Responses can be fully automatized or pre‑processed.