Digital Humans

AI with a Human Face and Brain

Combine the latest in AI to automate an infinite number of active operations using digital avatars equipped with cognitive functions, and provide unparalleled customer engagement.

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Hire your digital human to advance your business

Customer Loyalty

Differ from the competition

Increase conversions

Automate processes

Bring your brand to life

Create your own digital human, customize its appearance, environment, tone of voice, and ensure alignment with your brand identity. Stand out from the competition with unique differentiation tailored to the essence of your brand.

Automate processes

Digital humans perform human cognitive functions, excelling at performing tasks with human-like efficency. They authenticate customers, issue official documents and much more.

Engage with customers wherever they are

Offering personalized interactions, our seamless integration across in-store and online platforms increases your company’s adaptability, reach and consistent presence wherever your customers are.

Innovate with the latest AI

Combining the latest in Generative AI, Conversational AI, Speech technologies, Visual AI and AI analytics, the Born Digital platform ensures you’re always ahead of the curve.

Powerful use cases for every industry

HR and Recruitment

The Digital Recruiter efficiently handles candidate shortlisting, onboarding, gathers employee feedback anonymously, and provides professional training support.

Sales and Marketing

The Digital Sales agent provides tailored product recommendations, assists with purchase decisions, and guides customers through the process, increasing purchase conversion rates.


Digital Medical Assistants help to reduce doctors’ administration effort by 1/3. They create structured medical summary, prescriptions and referral forms.

Public Sector

The Digital Public Officer provides support for obtaining business licenses, issuing new driver’s licenses, printing, scanning, and verifying documents, as well as handling payments.

Banking and Insurance

A digital bank advisor provides financial guidance, promotes banking products like mortgages and savings accounts, resolves account issues, answers FAQs, and offers personalized assistance.

Law Enforcement

The digital investigator aids law enforcement in cybercrime detection by digitizing investigations, expediting processes, and leveraging advanced AI algorithms to enhance online security.

Legal Sector

The Digital Lawyer analyzes legal regulations, contracts, etc., identifying problematic sections and suggesting new wordings, saving the human lawyer a significant amount of time before their review.

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