Digital Humans Explained: Top 5 Use Cases

Digital Humans Explained: Top 5 Use Cases

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In 2023, Gartner recognized digital humans as one of the top five transformative technologies. Looking ahead, they forecast that by 2035, the digital human economy will become a $125-billion market with continuous growth. By 2027, it’s expected that the majority of B2C enterprise CMOs will allocate a dedicated budget for digital humans, underscoring their growing significance.

The future of business is inevitably being reshaped by the rise of digital humans. Researchers project that within a decade, most companies will integrate this technology into their operations. But what is digital human exactly?

Digital human is not only a chatbot’s successor

Imagine a virtual AI assistant, but with a human face, crafted to interact with people in a way that feels incredibly real. These digital beings are not just upgraded versions of chatbots and voice bots; they represent a significant leap forward.

While traditional chatbots excel in handling swift text-based interactions, digital humans are equipped to tackle more complex challenges. They act as a dynamic bridge, connecting the straightforward efficiency of traditional chatbots with the nuanced understanding of human operators. Digital humans are equipped with emotional intelligence, extensive knowledge, and an ability to engage in human-like conversations. These advancements allow them to interact with customers not only through precise verbal communication but also with subtle non-verbal expressions, thanks to their advanced cognitive understanding.  

Unique synergy of technologies

Our digital humans are at the forefront of technological innovation, blending the best of Born Digital’s existing technologies. They’re more than just visually appealing talking heads; they’re capable of a wide range of active operations.

We’ve integrated the latest generative AI, conversational AI, visual AI, and speech technologies, all enhanced with cognitive AI analytics. This is the culmination of five years of dedicated work, creating a unique synergy that brings these elements seamlessly together. 

At the core of our digital humans is what can be described as a digital brain. This brain is a reservoir of knowledge, tailored for specific use cases. It can access information from your CRM, databases, and other essential documents, ensuring that the digital personas are not just responsive but also deeply informed and helpful.

Use cases: From banking to elderly care

The possibilities of implementing digital humans are endless. It also doesn’t matter whether the digital human is present online on the website, in the app or offline at the branches (e.g. in form of a smart board or any other screen).

The Digital Banker enhances customer experience, offering efficient solutions for a range of banking needs. It excels at providing personalized financial advice, facilitating soft debt collection, swiftly resolving account issues, and addressing FAQs. Data also shows that in many interactions, people prefer to actually speak to a digital persona over a real human.

This virtual assistant is adept at delivering a seamless insurance experience by offering expertise in navigating the claims process, providing crucial assistance during accidents or injuries, and addressing frequently asked questions. With a wealth of knowledge derived from the data provided by the company (its digital human’s knowledge base), the Digital Insurance Advisor ensures that users receive accurate and timely information.

The Digital Recruiter can specialize in various HR & recruitment roles, shortlisting candidates, onboarding assistance, professional employee training, collecting feedback, addressing ongoing queries or providing anonymous support. Streamlining the recruitment process, the Digital Recruiter ensures a seamless and supportive experience for both employers and candidates.

Serving as the face and voice of the brand, the Digital Sales Agent excels in providing personalized product recommendations, aiding in purchase decisions and alternative evaluations, supporting ongoing campaigns and product upsells. Its unique ability to create an emotional connection fosters customer loyalty, making the digital sales experience not just transactional but also engaging and memorable. Moreover, the virtual agent isn’t confined to your website; it can extend its guidance to assist customers in your physical shops as well.

Specializing in generating medical reports and prescriptions based on appointment outcomes, this virtual agent efficiently arranges doctor’s appointments and gathers valuable customer feedback. With its streamlined capabilities, the digital medical assistant enhances medical processes, delivering a seamless experience for healthcare providers and patients alike.

Main Benefits

Now that you understand the technology and have an idea of its potential implementation, let’s explore what it can bring to your business:

1. 24/7 Availability: Ensuring your services are accessible at any time, fostering convenience for customers and potentially expanding your market reach.

2. Available Both Online and Offline: Allowing the Digital Human to operate seamlessly both on the website and in physical branches. This ensures consistent service delivery regardless of the online or offline environment.

3. Possibility to Authenticate Customers: Enhancing security measures by providing a reliable means to verify and authenticate user identities, safeguarding sensitive information.

4. Lower Costs: Streamlining operational expenses, potentially optimizing resource allocation and contributing to overall cost-effectiveness in business operations.

5. Increase ROI: Maximizing return on investment by leveraging efficient and effective digital solutions, potentially leading to higher revenue generation.

6. Scalability: Adapting effortlessly to business growth and changes in demand, ensuring your technology infrastructure remains aligned with evolving requirements.

7. Easy to Deploy: Simplifying the implementation process, reducing downtime, and allowing for a quicker integration of digital solutions into your existing framework.

8. Infinite Customization: Tailoring solutions to specific business needs, fostering flexibility, and ensuring the technology aligns precisely with your unique requirements.

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