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Take the public sector to the next level with conversational and generative AI solutions. Deliver exceptional service to citizens, streamline tedious processes, and empower your officers with digital e-Clerks.

AI solutions for public offices


Streamlined Communications

Customer Authentication

Personalized Recommendations

Issuing Official Documents

ID and Licenses Management


Process Automation

Powerful use cases for digital humans

Digital e-Clerk

The Digital Public Officer provides support for obtaining business licenses, issuing new driver’s licenses, printing, scanning, and verifying documents, as well as handling payments.

Digital Detective

The digital investigator aids law enforcement in cybercrime detection by digitizing investigations, expediting processes, and leveraging advanced AI algorithms to enhance online security.

Digital Medical Assistant

Digital Medical Assistants help to reduce doctors’ administration effort by 1/3. They create structured medical summary, prescriptions and referral forms.

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