The future of customer experience.

More than

9 500 000

interactions processed
by our digital assistants

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B2B clients
in 6 countries



highly experienced professionals
in 6 locations

About Us

In 2019, customer center experts and artificial intelligence enthusiasts teamed up with a common goal to improve the working conditions of contact center agents with the help of AI.

We started our journey creating virtual assistants that we taught to speak in local languages. Gradually, we expanded and added other global and major languages. Our next step was to integrate all communication channels including calls, email, and chat. In addition to our state of the art virtual assistant, we created analytical dashboards to collect and analyze customer interactions to help improve the overall customer experience. All those products are now available within our All‑In‑One platform.

Our final product, of which we are extremely proud, is an AI omni‑channel platform which helps companies transform and revolutionize their contact centers. With the help of our platform, companies are able to handle many times the clients quickly, easily, and stress free.

How We Differ


ALL‑IN‑ONE PLATFORM combining CONVERSATIONAL AI with DATA ANALYTICS instead of isolated chatbot or voicebot solutions.


Extensive experience in contact center digital transformation. We understand the needs of our customers.


last year we more than tripled our customer base, with 70+ customers across 6 countries

Our Team

Tomáš Malovec

Chief Executive Officer

19 years of experience in delivery management and business/digital transformation. Strong track record from global technology companies (IBM, CGI, Hewlett Packard).

Zenon Sliwka

Chief Sales Officer

20 years of experience in senior management and business/digital transformation. Led line teams in international logistics, telecommunication & banking industries (DHL, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, GECapital).

David Dudáš

Chief Technology Office

10 years of experience in IT architecture, design, and scaleup of AI solutions focused on voice, text, and visual recognition. Strong track record from complex technology projects (Accenture).

Ludvika Moravcova

Delivery Lead

10+ years of experience in technology projects, building excellent relationships with customers and vendors, and ensuring project delivery excellence.

Michal Jurčo

Chief Product Officer
(Conversational AI)

10 years of experience in digital and business transformation. Strong track record from complex international projects and business architecture (Accenture).

Juraj Lenoch

Recruitment Lead

9+ years of experience in recruitment at companies like STRV, Rossum, Thales, and Second Foundation, primarily focusing on hard-to-fill tech positions.

Improve customer experience with a digital contact center

  • Our CUSTOMER INSIGHT ANALYTICS identifies reasons for customer interactions and analyzes their sentiment and many other parameters.
  • Our DIGITAL AGENT can handle inbound calls and chats as well as outbound call campaigns. There are several use cases, such as intelligent customer care or soft collection.
  • Our DIGITAL E‑MAIL PROCESSING classifies e‑mails and detects their topic with a high accuracy rate. Responses can be fully automatized or pre‑processed.