Intelligent automation for Energy companies

Avoid contact center overloads in times of mass outages by embracing the power of AI. Our technology helps you to reduce waiting times, accelerate response times and provide personalized assistance through automation and intelligent routing.

AI Assistants for Utility Companies


Outage Reporting

Customer Authentication

Energy Meterings

Address Changes

Billing Status


NPS Surveys

Omni-channel platform for improving your customer and employee experiences.

• Customer self-service: Streamline operations such as payments and billing, plan modifications, and outage reporting.

• Gen AI-empowered: Our platform combines the power of LLMs with enterprise-grade guardrails.

• Secure and compliant: We are internationally compliant with ISO and GDPR.

Trusted by leading Utility Companies

"As of today, we have managed to fully automate both the customers and supply line. The implementation has helped us to significantly lower the operational costs, relieved our operators and allowed us to provide customers with immediate answers.”

The virtual assistants has mastered the task of handling electric meters self-readings, which proves to be immensely valuable, especially in the current situation when customers‘ needs are having the energy consumption under control."

Lucie Masopustová
Customer Service Director, CEZ Distribuce
“We needed a fully automated process of reporting power outages, including the authentication of customers, the exact identification of supply points, and the recognition of duplicities. Our customers now have a 24/7 self-service channel."
Marcel Hanečák
Business Solutions Development Expert, Západoslovenská distribučná

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