Meet our Digital Humans: Sarah in Sales & Marketing​

Meet our Digital Humans: Sarah in Sales & Marketing​


We’ve all experienced the frustration of dealing with bots that struggle to understand simple responses, requiring us to repeat “yes” multiple times. Fortunately, thanks to improvements in AI, those days are behind us. 

The future of customer interaction is Digital Humans and in this article, we’ll introduce you to Sarah, a Digital Human who specializes in sales and marketing. Sarah is designed to not only understand and respond to queries but to also ask targeted questions and provide personalized solutions, creating a lasting impression and pleasant buying journey. 

Defining Digital Humans

The technology of Digital Humans merges the authenticity of human interaction with the power of AI to deliver a more personal and engaging experience. Thanks to Generative and Conversational AI, they’re able to interact with users in emotionally intelligent ways. 

They excel in natural language processing, emotion recognition, and machine learning, allowing them to perform complex tasks and make informed decisions.  

Meet Sarah

As a sales and marketing expert, Sarah can listen to a multitude of tastes, interests, or issues and make calculated product recommendations that will satisfy customers, thereby engaging in dialogue rather than monolog. For larger purchases that require more thought and discussion, Sarah’s infinite patience allows her to guide customers through every step of the purchasing journey, ensuring they are fully comfortable and confident in their choices.  

Her emotional recognition features and machine learning capabilities enable her to respond in ways that personally appeal to each customer, building a connection that fosters trust in your brand. 

Sarah doesn’t need sleep or rest, so she is available 24/7 to assist customers. Additionally, she can be programmed to speak multiple languages, allowing her to communicate globally and eliminate language barriers. All these features create a marketing experience that helps each customer feel valued and invested in something deeper than the product. 

She can be made available to consumers via kiosks, tablets, apps, websites, and more. By integrating Sarah into your website, you can offer a customized user experience that helps customers find the perfect product. 

Hire Sarah or create your own Digital Human today!

The amount of time it takes to onboard Sarah is relatively short compared to traditional employees since she teaches herself and is built to serve your company. Overall, she stands apart from other Digital Humans and employees since she is meant to become a specialist in exactly what you want her to be.  

You can also create your very own Digital Human that can act as your sales expert. Using our platform, you can upload or connect to your knowledge base, and personalize her or his personality and overall appearance. You can adjust the tone of voice, quirks, and much more to match your brand. 

Stay tuned as we introduce our other Digital Humans! 

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