What’s new in the Digital Studio: March 2024 release

What's new in the Digital Studio: March 2024 release

You can upload documents better than ever

Uploading documents to your Knowledge Base Index is now asynchronous, allowing you to monitor the progress of each file in real-time.

Application Status Bar Expansion

We’ve integrated the Indexer application into the app status bar. This addition allows you to view all active applications and their deployment versions, including the Indexer app.

Enhanced visibility in chatbot bubble

The document upload process within the chatbot bubble has been revamped for greater visibility. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Additional changes

Indexer Performance and Logic: The performance and underlying logic of the Indexer application have been enhanced for greater efficiency.

Frontend Improvements: Minor technical updates have been made to the Flow Editor, enhancing usability.

Elevated Customer Experience: The process of creating a new, blank project has been streamlined, focusing on user-friendliness.

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