What’s new in the Digital Studio: May 2024 release​

What's new in the Digital Studio: May 2024 release

You can now create new nodes within intents!

We have introduced the ability to create new nodes directly in the ‘Answer’ node of intents, enhancing the user experience by providing a more straightforward workflow.

We've enhanced our Knowledge Base!

We’ve upgraded our knowledge base!  You can now edit, delete, or add new chunks in one dialog. 

Project Deletion and Associated Asset Removal

Deleting a project will also remove all connected assets. A new dialog box will confirm that the following related assets will be deleted:

• Knowledge base indexes

• Campaign data

• Announcement settings

Additional enhancements

Application Performance: Enhancements to the performance and logic of the Digital Studio now deliver greater efficiency.

Bug Fixes and Improvements: Model queries have been optimized for increased speed and efficiency.

Knowledge Base Indexer: Document descriptions are now limited to 1024 characters.

Campaign Reports in XLSX: You can now export campaign data directly to XLSX format from the campaign page.

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