Integrate GPT technology with Born Digital

GPT technologies are now available for commercial use, and they are revolutionizing the way we interact with digital virtual assistants. And we are happy that we’ve arrived at this revolution among the first ones!

With Born Digital, you can now integrate GPT into your contact center and dazzle your customers by letting GPT answer their questions. Let’s have a look at a few examples of how you can outshine your competition.

GPT technologies

1. Answering FAQs

GPT technology can be a powerful tool for answering customer FAQs based on a company’s available documentation. By using natural language processing, document analysis, continuous learning, and fast response times, GPT can help you significantly reduce the workload on your support teams.

GPT can analyze all of the available documents, including manuals, guides, and other materials, to find the most relevant information and answer the customer’s question almost instantly.

However, the GPT technology is not always right.

As a brand, you need to avoid costly errors and ensure your customers are getting the correct answers. It is the Born Digital platform that gives you control over the responses.

In case you’d like to try out how is it to chat with a GPT-powered bot, don’t hesitate to try ours! You can ask him anything, in any language. Just click on this link and have fun!

Born Digital Agent

2. GPT technology available for both chat & voice channels

It is not only chatbots. Unlike most of the available solutions on the market, we are also creating GPT-powered voice bots.

Your customers can therefore talk with the GPT-powered bot and feel like they’re talking to a real person. Thanks to the technology’s ability to understand natural language and respond accordingly, the technology also adds a special human touch to the whole conversation.

You can try talking to GPT-powered bot on your own. Just give a call to MIKE, our GPT-powered sales rep at +420 910 880 914. Don’t hesitate to call him at any time, the call is free of charge.

And how costly is the GPT technology?

The pricing model is based on the number of words, where the prices are per 1,000 words.

The pricing currently depends on which model you are using, and we are happy to provide more information depending on your business case. Please, contact our sales team to learn more.

Let’s sparkle up the game and outshine your competitors! You can book a free demo with our team here.

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