Bringing AI into Daily Life: Meet Our Digital Human

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and complex automation are largely seen as stepping stones toward James Cameron’s The Terminator. This assumption is fueled by the most common AI design mistake: attempting to create an exact replica of human behavior.

AI is not human, so it is a mistake to try and make it so. This is where we, Born Digital, come in. We have learned how to combine the strengths of technology and a human approach to serve the larger purpose of bridging the gap between people and professionals in different services and industries. On our crazy ride to bringing AI into the real world, we have introduced a new product: The Digital Human.

The Digital Human Ride

The Digital Human — a ride you don’t want to miss

This product utilizes our unique synergy of technologies to create a new-age solution to real human problems. Speech Technologies, Visual AI, Conversational AI, AI Analytics, and Generative AI are some of the major technologies that are integrated into our digital persona. We currently have two practical use cases for our digital human persona: the Digital Medical Assistant and the Digital Public Officer.

Meet Our Digital Medical Assistant

In the Czech Republic, and worldwide, there is a shortage of doctors. Globally, there are roughly 15 million healthcare positions left empty. Because of this, long wait times and lengthy examinations have become the new standard in healthcare. In the best case, people’s quality of life has worsened, but in the worst case, it has led to the late diagnosis of serious illnesses and lower chances of recovery.

Try to recall your last visit to the doctor and consider how much time was spent writing medical reports, prescribing medication, recommending further examinations, or other tasks performed on the computer during a doctor’s appointment. According to research, doctors spend more than 51% of their time on such administrative tasks. That is valuable time that should be spent interacting with the patient. Our Digital Medical Assistant helps minimize the time doctors spend on administrative tasks by automatically generating reports and analytics after monitoring doctor-patient conversations.

Digital Medical Assistant

In the exam room and during medical rounds, the Digital Medical Assistant allows doctors to devote their attention to the patient while it monitors, transcribes, and analyzes their conversation. At the end of the appointment, the assistant will automatically generate a medical report that the doctor can review and add details to between patient visits or later in their office.

The Digital Medical Assistant will also improve patient care by allowing doctors to rededicate themselves to patients while simultaneously collecting data to be analyzed for the improvement of the overall healthcare system.

Digital Public Officer

Meet Our Digital Public Officer

Small villages and remote towns do not share the same luxury of urban areas’ easy access to public and commercial services like post offices, banks, insurance agencies or government offices. The second use case for the Digital Human Persona is the Digital Public Officer who can act as a single service point for various commercial services, state administration, and municipal authorities.

The Digital Public Officer

The Digital Public Officer can perform a variety of administrative and commercial tasks including authenticating the identity of a customer based on facial recognition, offer payment and information services, scan and provide guidance on the completion of state or municipal documents (tax returns or housing subsidies), and ultimately help automate the process of processing such government and commercial documents. If the AI cannot solve a customer’s request on its own, it will connect them to a remote human officer in real-time.

The Digital Public Officer will provide crucial administrative and commercial services for people of small communities. Through AI-powered civil and commercial services, our digital human persona can reconnect isolated communities with the larger society and economy.

The Digital Human Persona’s Psychology

Don’t worry, the psychology behind our Digital Human Persona isn’t advanced enough to replace your romantic partner or your best friend. Our Medical Assistant and Public Officer utilize psychology to build a trustworthy personality and human-esque presentation to encourage everyday people to interact with complex Artificial Intelligence.

Outside of what our Digital Human Persona is currently capable of, there are endless potential future applications. Our Digital Medical Assistant could one day use AI analytics to compile medical report databases to predict epidemics or pandemics. AI Analytics could push humans into a new era of healthcare with the ability to predict diseases like we predict the weather today.

In case you don’t know where to start with implementing Artificial Intelligence in your company or how to combine the technology and people’s skills, let us know! We are happy to point you in the right direction.

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