Uncovering Digital Studio: 3 Key Steps for Digital Transformation

Born Digital Studio
Born Digital Studio

Are you ready to level up the game of digital customer experience? Then let’s dive into the latest trends and cornerstones of successful digital transformation. We will show you how to make your customer service fast (and your competition a little bit furious) using our Digital Studio.

Customer insights will rule the game

First and foremost, the future of customer experience lies in high-quality insights. Not only do your customers expect prompt, helpful and around-the-clock customer service, but if they could choose, they would rather not contact you at all.

Customer Insight Analytics
Customer Insight Analytics

Meaning you need to know the exact pain points of your customers’ journey and adjust your products and processes accordingly. Thus, the alpha and omega of customer experience in the upcoming years will be the prevention of customer interactions. As we like to say in Born Digital — prevention rocks!

1. Digital Studio: Customer Insight Analytics

Our Customer Insight Analytics which is part of our Digital Studio analyses customer interactions across all digital channels (voice, chat, e-mail,..), identifies unnecessary customer interactions and determines opportunities for automation.

It allows you to prevent up to 30 % of interactions and significantly decrease your operational costs.

Customer Insight Analytics
Customer Insight Analytics

What comes next? Automation.

Only after prevention and data analysis comes the second part, and that is automation. Most of the conversational AI platforms present on the market are skipping the first prevention part — often ruining the customer experience with badly functioning voice bots and chatbots that are not providing customers with the answers they are looking for.

But here we are to prove that with data analytics, digital virtual assistants can improve the CX and elevate your company to another level.

Born Digital Agent
Born Digital Agent

2. Digital Studio: Digital Agent

Unlike other isolated voice bot and chatbot solutions, our platform covers it all. Our Digital Agent can handle inbound calls and chats as well as outbound call campaigns.

It is available across multiple channels (voice, chat, e-mail), including integrations to social media and text messaging. You can design a digital agent who will handle thousands of queries at once and will be available 24×7.

Apart from FAQs, it can handle more complex conversations with open-ended questions. On top of that, it can predict up to 70 % of interactions from available data and propose the right solution right away!

Customers are expecting super-fast replies

There is a considerable number of customers (55 % to be precise) who prefer to contact the brand via e-mail. The truth is that these customer emails sometimes lie in the inbox for several days before they even reach a competent person.

Yet, your customers expect a response within less than one hour. Therefore, our Digital Studio is also covering the automation of e-mail communication allowing you to shorten the response time and avoid manual processing.

3. Digital Studio: Digital Email Processing

Our AI algorithm uses natural language understanding (NLU) to analyse incoming customer emails and routes them to the right department or human agent based on their content or sentiment.

It also highlights key data, so the human agent does not have to read the entire e-mail and instantly knows how to handle it.

With our platform, companies can semi-automate the email processing or automate the responses fully.

Digital Email Processing
Digital Email Processing

We shortly summed up three key components of our Digital Studio — Customer Insight Analytics, Digital Agent and Digital Email Processing. Next time, we will have a closer look into how you can run outbound campaigns in Digital Studio on your own and with zero coding skills!

In case you would like to jump right into the future of customer experience — don’t hesitate to book a demo with our team.

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