Empower your HR and IT teams with AI-powered support

Optimize your efforts in IT support and HR by adopting a smart approach. Our conversational AI acts as a reliable, always-present teammate providing employees with effortless access to your organization’s extensive knowledge, and automating time-consuming processes such as onboarding.

24/7 agent availability

HR and IT process automation

Knowledge base advisor

Give your employees the assistance they deserve

Our platform is intuitive and can be deployed in days and requires minimal setup.

Interact with your customers where they already are – Web, Contact Center systems, Social Media, and much more.

Harness the power of Generative AI combined with Conversational AI.

Our platform smoothly integrates with your third-party enterprise systems with top-grade security.

Our NLP technology enables the virtual agents to understand and interact with humans flawlessly.

Automation solutions for HR and IT teams

HR Bot

Mak your onboarding process smoother and can transform it into a self‑service process. Companies can automate processes such as document submissions, training plans and regular check‑ups.

Intelligent Internal Service Desk

Automate 84% of service desk interactions. If the customer blocked his/her account or incorrectly entered a password, the digital agent recognizes that in the system and gets straight to the point.

Hear our Voice Bots in action

Listen to an AI Agent help a caller reset her password.

Find out how you can leverage Born Digital's Generative and Conversational AI solutions to drive business results.