Conversational AI in the Energy Industry – Challenges and Use Cases  

Conversational AI in the Energy Industry – Challenges and Use Cases


The energy industry is high-stakes, meaning that providers face a constant demand for quick, accurate, and reliable services in every interaction. The potential for power outages or urgent queries for meter readings are very different customer needs that can be streamlined with conversational AI. 1/5 of energy customers express dissatisfaction with the time it takes to connect with their provider, let alone receive a prompt response. Luckily, Born Digital is an innovator in the field of conversational AI, and can bring the latest AI capabilities to your energy business. Let’s explore how easy it is to enhance and streamline your overall customer service experience with Born Digital’s technology.  

First, let’s identify common issues energy providers face on their customer service contact channels:


Issue 1: Contact Center Overload in Times of Mass Outages 

In the energy industry, mass outages create a significant challenge for CX providers, impacting the quality of service at contact centers. This results in dissatisfied customers and overwhelmed CX representatives. Born Digital’s cutting-edge AI technology offers a strategic solution, effectively reducing waiting times, accelerating response times, and delivering personalized assistance through automation. Our digital agent is a pro at addressing customer needs during crises and seamlessly transferring customers to a human agent when necessary, ensuring quality service no matter the situation. 


Issue 2: Overwhelm from Routine Queries  

Customers reach out to their energy provider’s help centers for routine queries, more so than to address crises. The most common routine queries are billing issues, inquiries about energy pricing, concerns about meter accuracy, payment management, problems with debit and credit balances, and requests for meter installations or removals. Our AI-powered analytics identifies the common reasons for customer interactions, as well as any unique to your company. Our digital agent is then able to address routine customer inquiries, resulting in a reduction in wait times and agent overwhelm, fostering a more enjoyable CX experience for your customers. 


How does our technology help?

  • 24/7 availability

Providing 24/7 Support, Conversational AI in the energy industry ensures round-the-clock availability to answer frequently asked questions and handle inquiries. Whether addressing concerns about energy consumption, explaining billing details, or providing information about renewable energy options, AI-powered chatbots and voicebots contribute to an always-on-support system. 

  • Streamlining operations 

Streamlining operations in the energy industry with Born Digital’s conversational AI means more efficient handling of customer queries and internal processes. Our AI system excels in automating routine tasks like guiding customers through self-reading of electricity meters and managing meter unsealing requests, which significantly reduces the workload on customer service agents. By automating these repetitive tasks, our AI not only enhances customer experience through prompt and accurate responses but also optimizes internal operations, leading to increased efficiency and satisfaction for both customers and the energy provider. 


  • Avoidance of Duplicate Queries 

 Born Digital’s AI systems are designed to analyze and respond to customer inquiries before the chance for contact center overload is possible. For example, if a mass outage occurs and customers are calling in with concerns, our technology will recognize what phone numbers are registered under the outage areas. It will then ask if the customer is calling because of the outage so the call does not fall under the hands of the operator and avoids duplicities. The numbers that called in about the outage are then informed when the outage will be resolved, usually via SMS. This not only saves time for both customers and agents but leads to a more effective and efficient customer support process. 

Projections indicate a 25% increase in business process efficiency, positioning cognitive AI at the center of your business’ future success. Born Digital’s agents stand ready across multiple communication channels (chat, phone, email, etc.) to elevate productivity within your energy business.  


  •   Omnichannel approach

Born Digital can transform even the most complex and high stakes CX contact centers. Born Digital technology is able to cover all digital touchpoints and move seamlessly between channels. If you’re looking for a long-lasting complex solution and not a quick fix, we are here to help. 


If you’re ready to elevate your energy services with the power of conversational AI, sign up for a product demo today. Our technical experts will guide you through how Born Digital can uniquely address the needs of your energy company, taking your service to the next level.