Five Key Considerations for Selecting an AI Conversation Analytics Software​

Five Key Considerations for Selecting an AI Conversation Analytics Software

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Conversation Analytics: An Overview

AI-powered conversation analytics is revolutionizing the business landscape by extracting valuable insights from customer interactions. This innovative technique involves comprehensive analysis, employing methods like keyword spotting and sentiment analysis. It encompasses data extraction from both text and voice interactions, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to convert natural language into machine-readable formats.

This technology’s core lies in leveraging AI to transform customer conversation data into actionable insights. Critical components like text analytics, speech analytics, voice analytics, and sentiment analytics offer nuanced insights into customer interactions, enabling businesses to enhance satisfaction and identify improvement areas. Beyond customer support, conversation analytics finds applications in diverse industries, predicting customer behavior and informing strategies across the buyer’s journey.

We’ve listed 5 important factors to take into consideration when evaluating and selecting an analytics software, so you can make the right choice for your business.

For contact center speech analytics to be truly effective, it is essential for the solution to accurately comprehend both your agents and customers. The system should possess the capability to automatically recognize language, including specific dialects, and support the languages currently utilized by your agents and customers, while also accommodating future language needs. Furthermore, the interaction analytics solution should adeptly identify and understand customer intent, utilizing machine learning to continually refine and optimize algorithms, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in predicting true intent.

Additionally, the solution should automatically pinpoint and segment key classifying elements within a conversation, associating them with relevant categories to provide context and factual information to an intent. For instance, your contact center analytics solution should autonomously identify the initial greeting, identify critical issues and intents, and accurately document the outcome or resolution through precise sectioning capabilities. Leading solutions leverage machine learning to guide the technology in the recognition and classification of these elements.

To gain profound understanding of the customer experience, look for a contact center analytics tool capable of analyzing both spoken and written communication. This will provide you with a cohesive perspective of customer interactions spanning various platforms, such as voice calls, emails, and chat messages.

Decoding human-to-human conversations is a challenging task in the realm of artificial intelligence. However, domain-specific conversational AI has made significant advancements in its ability to grasp such interactions by concentrating on specialized applications like contact centers and specific industries like financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and more. Therefore, to achieve the most comprehensive understanding of your agent and customer interactions, seek a conversational AI solution tailored specifically to the contact center domain.

The conversation intelligence software you intend to utilize should be compatible with your existing business systems and tools you use for your contact center. In the absence of integration, there’s no need to worry. Most providers are willing to integrate with your business software upon request. However, it’s crucial to establish a clear timeline and receive commitments for support during the integration process. The basic integration should involve automatically connecting with your contact center provider, extracting call recording data, conducting transcription and analysis, and presenting the final insights effortlessly.

Complex integrations may not be necessary from the outset. There’s no value in paying extra for complexity that won’t be utilized initially. Therefore, assess your needs accordingly. Furthermore, regardless of whether a conversation analytics software integrates with your third-party software, always secure an upfront support commitment, especially during the on-boarding phase.

It’s common to be carried away while exploring vendor websites, and these providers are adept at showcasing features that, while appealing, might not significantly impact your specific use case. Be cautious about engaging in product demos with providers who focus solely on displaying their preferred product capabilities. Instead, insist that the representative demonstrates only the analytic features relevant to your needs.

When evaluating potential vendors, consider requesting references that can vouch for the tool’s effectiveness in a similar context. References within the same industry or vertical are particularly valuable. Seek firsthand experiences from organizations of similar size that operate in related industries and analyze comparable data types. The goal is not to choose the overall best tool but rather to select the most suitable tool for your very specific circumstances.

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Contact center analytics unveil pertinent and actionable insights hidden within extensive amounts of unstructured voice and text dialogues within the contact center. By transforming this abundant source of information about the customer and agent experience into profound comprehension, your company can enhance compliance and quality, reduce management costs associated with compliance and quality, elevate agent performance, optimize the customer experience, enhance satisfaction, and pinpoint needs and trends that contribute to product and service development.

Selecting the appropriate solution start with delineating the use cases, formulating a robust business case, understanding the necessary capabilities, and meticulously assessing your alternatives. We at Born Digital are available to assist you as you progress in your journey with conversational AI. Get in touch with us now.