Generative AI Voice Bot: Outbound Surveys for E-Commerce​

Generative AI Voice Bot: Outbound Surveys for E-Commerce

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Apologies for pulling off the band-aid so quickly, but the truth is, it’s never been easier for your customers to switch to your competition if they’re dissatisfied with your services or the options your e-commerce platform provides. How do you effectively combat this competition without relying solely on a bigger marketing budget? Well, that’s certainly not a sustainable path forward. Nearly 90% of customers are willing to abandon your brand after just two bad experiences. Moreover, it’s five times more costly for your business to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. So, the challenge is crystal clear – how do you ensure you understand your customers’ needs, prevent churn, and bolster their loyalty while outshining your competitors?

One way to tackle this is by analyzing customer data to drive business outcomes. However, today we’re here to introduce you to the simplest, most efficient method of collecting customer feedback.

Get responses from 83 % of customers

Hand on heart, what percentage of the feedback do you collect when you send out after-purchase email surveys? Now, what if we told you that we can obtain responses from most of your customers without needing to hire additional team members, except for one: the AI voice bot.

By automating outbound calls with AI to collect customer feedback, your company gains the ability to obtain actionable insights quickly and at a lower cost. The AI digital agent can handle hundreds of concurrent calls, efficiently gathering verbal feedback and ratings on a specified scale. 

Effortlessly analyze collected feedback

For instance, Born Digital’s solution transcribes conversations, simplifying the process of collecting and evaluating feedback by categorizing customer responses based on topic or sentiment. As a leader in both conversational and GenAI applications, our analytics stay ahead of the curve, providing cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.

You can effortlessly filter feedback based on the worst or best sentiment, enabling you to identify the most critical customer pain points that demand swift action, e.g. your delivery dates. Similarly, you can capitalize on your strengths by showcasing and marketing to customers what sets you apart and adds value compared to your competition, such as the range of products. Without AI, this process would take considerably longer and would be inefficient in today’s competitive landscape.

How to implement the AI outbound voice bot today

Implementing outbound AI calls for gathering customer feedback is straightforward. You can schedule the outbound call to occur after a purchase is completed. Additionally, you have the flexibility to test different timing options—whether customers are more likely to respond immediately after the purchase, after a few hours, the next day, and so forth. Once the call is triggered within your CRM, all information is automatically transcribed and categorized for later analysis.

The implementation process itself typically takes only a few days. However, before initiating it, you need to consider the specific questions you want the bot to ask your customers. You can easily customize and modify these questions later within the platform without requiring any coding skills. Furthermore, you can choose the voice—whether female or male, what accent, etc.—to ensure it aligns with your brand’s tone of voice.

Ensure human-like interactions

Our platform harnesses the latest advancements in Generative AI, guaranteeing that interactions between the AI agent and your customers are seamless, natural, and that the bot responds to situations in a way that closely resembles human conversation. Say goodbye to robotic responses like “sorry, I don’t understand your question.”

Many customers do not answer the first call or ask for a later one. The voice assistant puts the call on hold or will call again later time defined by the customer. If the customer calls back, the bot answers the call, intorduces itself, thanks the customer for calling back and continues based on the survey flow you set up. 

Grow your business

Now, let’s delve into the tangible business benefits that implementing AI-powered outbound calls for customer feedback can bring:

Cost Efficiency: By automating outbound calls with AI, businesses can significantly lower operational costs. The reduction in manual labor and the need for additional team members translates to substantial savings in the long run.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The seamless and natural interaction experience provided by AI-powered voice bots leads to increased customer satisfaction. Customers feel heard and valued when their feedback is promptly collected and acted upon.

Competitive Edge: Utilizing AI for customer feedback collection gives businesses a competitive edge. With the ability to swiftly respond to customer needs and insights, companies can stay ahead of the competition by offering tailored solutions and improving overall customer experience.

Data Accuracy and Reliability: AI-driven feedback collection ensures data accuracy and reliability. With automated transcription and categorization, businesses can trust the integrity of the data collected, leading to better-informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Time Savings: Implementing AI-powered outbound calls streamlines the feedback collection process, freeing up valuable time for employees to focus on other essential tasks. This increased efficiency allows businesses to allocate resources more effectively and drive productivity.

In summary, integrating AI-powered outbound calls for customer feedback not only streamlines operations and boosts customer satisfaction but also offers a competitive advantage, ensures data accuracy, and saves valuable time and resources. Don’t wait any longer—start today and implement your outbound AI voic ebot to revolutionize your customer feedback process!

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