Born Digital and Netia Form Strategic Partnership, Enhancing Business Communications in Poland

Born Digital and Netia Form Strategic Partnership, Enhancing Business Communications in Poland

Partnership Netia and Born Digital

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We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Netia, a prominent Polish telecommunications provider boasting the second-largest fixed-line cable television and broadband network in the country.

In collaboration with Born Digital, Netia has introduced its new VoiceBot service tailored for B2B customers. This innovative bot is designed to optimize call management, providing a range of features to elevate customer interactions.

The VoiceBot service offers a minimally customized solution utilizing parameters and data from Cisco BroadWorks, incorporating smart directory features for efficient call handling. The VoiceBot Premium version takes customer engagement to the next level, allowing for the creation of more complex, automated call scenarios tailored to specific needs. This premium service seamlessly integrates with Netia’s SaaS model for business voice or contact center solutions, providing a comprehensive communication experience.

A notable feature of the VoiceBot is its ability to handle up to five calls simultaneously, ensuring optimal efficiency during peak call times. The service also includes a call-back function, ensuring that customers are promptly attended to, even if initial attempts to connect with staff members are unsuccessful.

We are grateful for the successful collaboration and look forward to further contributing to the enhancement of Netia’s communication services. As Born Digital expands its presence in Poland, this partnership underscores a commitment to delivering innovative solutions that elevate customer interactions.

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