Transform your enterprise and enhance customer engagemnet with the latest technology. By utilizing AI, you will deliver personalized interactions, significantly lower your costs, optimize your operations and thrive in an ever evolving market. Cannot find a suitable use case? Contact us!

Save time

Customer Experience

Increasing Operator Motivation

Operator Motivation



Recruitment Agent

The digital agent can contact a whole database within a few minutes and prepare a high‑quality shortlist for human recruiters.

Effective Debt Collection

Swap routine outbound calls for our AI voice assistant, enabling you to process 1000 calls in 15 minutes, without any emotional investment. Your customers get a reminder, and you get a higher percentage of immediate reactions.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Get feedback from 80% of customers. Our Digital Agent calls the customer right after the purchase or a visit and asks for feedback.

Sales Leads Validation

Create a funnel that converts. 60% of customers shortlisted by the voice assistant are hyper‑target leads ready to make a purchase decision.

Marketing Surveys

People are more likely to complete a survey over the phone compared to e‑mail, text messages or chatbot surveys. Our voice assistant usually reach 85% of respondents.

Intelligent Customer Care

The digital agent does not ask general questions and gets straight to the point. For example: if the customer entered the PIN for the payment card incorrectly, there can be only two reasons for the call.

Intelligent Internal Service Desk

Digital Agent allows you to automate 84% of service desk interactions. If the customer blocked his/her account or incorrectly entered a password, the digital agent recognizes that in the system and gets straight to the point.

HR Bot

Our Digital Agent makes your onboarding process smoother and can transform it into a self‑service process. Companies can automate processes such as document submissions, training plans and regular check‑ups.

Customer Insight Analytics

The biggest business problem all contact centers around the world are facing is the high number of customer interactions ‑ causing high costs and low customer satisfaction rates.

Digital E‑mail Processing

Getting back to your customer e‑mails in time is vital for your brand. But in reality, incoming customer e‑mails sometimes sit in the inbox for several days before they even reach a human agent.

Automated Invoice Processing

Process and classify invoices and other supporting documents coming into your mailbox, including timesheets, acceptacne protocols, logbooks, ID cards, etc.

Improve customer experience with a digital contact center

  • Our CUSTOMER INSIGHT ANALYTICS identifies reasons for customer interactions and analyzes their sentiment and many other parameters.
  • Our DIGITAL AGENT can handle inbound calls and chats as well as outbound call campaigns. There are several use cases, such as intelligent customer care or soft collection.
  • Our DIGITAL E‑MAIL PROCESSING classifies e‑mails and detects their topic with a high accuracy rate. Responses can be fully automatized or pre‑processed.
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