No Time To Call? Send a Digital Agent on a Mission!

No Time To Call

Have you ever identified hot leads from a list of 5 thousand prospects within 1 hour? Or have you ever collected verbal feedback from hundreds of customers within a few minutes?

It almost sounds impossible to manage either of those. Unless you have a Digital Agent. The Born Digital Agent!

Within our Digital Studio, it is easier than ever to create an outbound campaign on your own and send your Digital Agent on a mission whenever you need. How does that work?

Practical example

Let’s look at a simplified example of launching an outbound party bot within the Digital Studio.

However, you could use the same launching process for any other complex use case of your choice, such as outbound digital agent for sales leads validation, customer satisfaction surveys, marketing surveys or recruitment process.

All you need to prepare ahead is the excel sheet with included contacts you’d like to call. The excel sheet for this particular outbound campaign is then imported to the Digital Studio.

Digital Agent

When creating a new campaign, you can set up when the campaign should start, when it should end or how many times the Digital Agent should repeat the call in case the prospect was not reached.

You can also set up in which situations those calls should be repeated. For instance, if the line was busy, if the customer did not answer, if the customer hung up at the beginning, etc.

Digital Agent

I launched the campaign. Now what?

Once you kick off the campaign, you can follow the statistics in real-time.

You can see whether the prospects are interested in your offer (or not), whether they answered the phone or maybe asked for a later call. And in case you’ve been wondering — of course, you can easily pause or stop the campaign anytime you need.

Digital Agent

On top of that, all the recorded and transcribed customer responses are automatically transferred to the next stage of the sales process. You can also see the whole transcript and play the selected parts of recorded calls.

So, how does that sound? Are you ready to focus on lucrative deals in your pipeline instead of qualifying each lead manually?

There is no need to dial 007. You can just book a free 30min demo with our product specialist!

Digital Agent

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