Speech Technologies

Implement Speech Technologies
at a lower cost

Use Born Digital’s high‑quality speech technologies at the lowest possible cost. Our platform includes speech technologies such as Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Speaker Recognition and Voice Biometry. With our very own speech technologies, we are not dependent on the services of a third party. We make the latest technology more affordable for our customers while maintaining the highest quality.

Customer Insight Analytics

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Speech Recognition

Create transcripts of customer calls and voice messages with high accuracy and significantly lower costs. Our speech recognition technology:

Our speech recognition technology pays off especially well when used with our Customer Insight Analytics, which analyzes a large number of customer interactions.

Speech Recognition
Speech Synthesis


Speech Synthesis

We can make your voice assistants stand out. Our Speech Synthesis:

This technology will differentiate you from your competition and significantly improve the customer experience.


Speaker Recognition

Speaker recognition breaks down your final transcript into clear segments based on who was speaking. Our technology:

This technology is best used for the analysis of single‑channel (half duplex) recordings. Speaker Recognition can then be used as part of our Customer Insight Analytics ‑ which allows you to analyze all parameters for both your customers and your agents.

Speaker Recognition
Voice Biometry


Voice Biometry

This technology can authenticate customers based on their voice. The main advantages of our technology includes:


Our Speech Recognition Technology

  • HIGH COSTS Speech technologies are expensive, especially when processing large volumes of data
  • COMPLEX INTEGRATION Integration of multiple platforms from multiple vendors (digital agent, analytics, speech technology,…)
  • NO DIFFERENTIATION Your voice assistants sound the same as your competitors


Our Speech Recognition Technology

    Significant cost reduction with high quality product
    All in One Platform – you integrate only once and get all the benefits
    You can create a voice that reflects your brand identity

Speech Technology is best used for:

Save time

Operational Costs


Customer Experience


Improving the Quality
of Customer Insights

Improve customer experience with a digital contact center

  • Our CUSTOMER INSIGHT ANALYTICS identifies reasons for customer interactions and analyzes their sentiment and many other parameters.
  • Our DIGITAL AGENT can handle inbound calls and chats as well as outbound call campaigns. There are several use cases, such as intelligent customer care or soft collection.
  • Our DIGITAL E‑MAIL PROCESSING classifies e‑mails and detects their topic with a high accuracy rate. Responses can be fully automatized or pre‑processed.
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